Beginner I

Beginner I

Class Instructors:

Daniel Kim sensei (5th Dan)  
Hyuk Kyu Seoh sensei(4th Dan)
Danny Kim sensei (4th Dan)
Paul Lee
Pop Kitthajaroenchai
Greg Lewis

This class is for beginners and other newcomers who are interested in kendo. People of all ages are welcome!

Practices are held on Saturdays from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Lifetime Fitness Johns Creek.

Beginner Registration Form (.pdf) and please view the Kendo Basic and Vocabularies

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This class introduces students to the martial art of kendo. 
The class emphasizes on basic sitting positions: sit down on the floor (seiza), knee-bent squat (sonkyo), basic stances (kamae), footwork (ashi-sabaki), and proper form to hold and swing the bamboo sword (shinai). Kendo philosophy also emphasized.


Aside from being physically fit to practice martial arts, you are required to bring the following equipments:

  1. Shinai (bamboo sword) with guard, size 39 for adult males and size 38 for adult females of average stature. Size for minors varies depending on height. Length of the handle (tsuka) should be approximately the same length as your forearm, measured from an end of the closed fist to the tip of the elbow. For more information on the length of the shinai, please refer to this link.
  2. Exercise clothing, such as shorts, sweatpants, and a t-shirt. Kendogi (kendo training uniform), consisting of hakama (pant/skirt) and kendo keikoki (shirt) are optional.
    Note: do not wear any jewelry or watches. Bare feet only in the practice area!

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The cost of the two-month Beginner's class is $100 for both adults and minors.
A completed and signed registration form and fee payment check made out to “GKA” must be submitted at the first class.